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Immigration lawyers are more often tasked to represent business and individual clients in and out of the courtroom, though more often, outside. These lawyers have extensive knowledge in areas like deportation, immigrant visas for employment purposes, gaining US citizenship, getting a “green card,” applying for refugee status/political asylum, and providing legal advice to foreign companies who want to establish in the US. A skill that will serve a prospective immigration lawyer in good stead is the ability to understand foreign languages since most clients do not speak English as a primary language. Clients also come from widely diverse cultural backgrounds thus, good people skills and the ability to communicate clearly are important.

The work of a lawyer specializing in business and corporate law demands diversity; thus, having a solid background in various fields is important. Experience in corporate law will be of great help, as well as general experience and knowledge in the business and the industry where the client belongs to. Having good management and administrative, writing, negotiating, and interpersonal skills will also be beneficial to a business and corporate lawyer. Work envirionment is quick-paced. A good part of the lawyers’ time is devoted for meetings with the company’s management and board of directors where they are expected to help provide business and legal advice, and to help in strategizing.

Military and civilian lawyers have practically the same job descriptions. There is, however, one major distinction: military lawyers’ clients are all military personnel and are therefore under the rule of military courts and laws. Anyone in the military can seek legal representation from a military lawyer for civil and criminal cases. The lawyer can represent clients from any branch of the military, although each branch of military service may have a different Judge Advocate General or JAG from other branches. To get appropriate legal representation, military personnel only need to contact a military legal assistance office.

Many young people dream of becoming trial lawyers in the future, and this is because of how high-profile lawyers are seen in the movies as they engage in thrilling courtroom drama. There is more to a trial lawyer’s job than just glamor and action, however. Trial lawyers have a lot more responsibilities outside of the courtroom that may not be as glamorous as seen in the movies. Thus, weeks or months are spent for preparations including talking with parties who may be privy to the case, contacting witnesses, and reviewing voluminous files. Trial lawyers are also required to fill out various documents for filing with the court. Only after completing all these will the lawyer be ready to go to trial.

The criminal lawyer provides representation to a defendant in the entire criminal court system’s proceedings. This includes the arraignment, pre-trial hearings, settlement meetings, trials and sentence hearings. Both adults and juveniles can seek representation in all levels – local, state, and federal. To be able to defend clients in a federal court, the lawyer must first be admitted to that particular court. Criminal lawyers, especially the more experienced ones, typically work on several cases in various stages of trial at any given time. All throughout the proceedings, they offer legal counsel to the clients which are to the clients’ best interests. Because of the criminal lawyers’ knowledge of the law, they are able to help safeguard the constitutional rights of their clients.

In some aspects, the job of a private practice lawyer is the same as that of any other law practitioner. For one, a lot of time is spent behind the desk researching on cases, doing paperwork, and conferring with witnesses and clients. There are also occasional trips to the courthouse for document filing and to attend trial proceedings. When dealing with clients who may be emotional or undergoing stress, the lawyer must exercise extreme patience. Another skill that is good to have is the ability to persuade the judge or jury while the trial is ongoing. Because even small legal nuances and minor details can affect the outcome of each and every case, the lawyer must be very keen to details.